Wind, Tornado, and Hurricane Damage

Wind damage, including catastrophes such as tornadoes and hurricanes, are devastating issues that an owner of a home or business must face. Wind damage can not only cause severe damage to the home itself, but also to the surrounding landscape such as trees and power lines. In many cases, trees affected by wind damage fall and can lead to further destruction of a homeowner’s property. Because of the amount of damage often associated with this type of loss, an adjuster can often help alleviate the emotional hardship of dealing with an insurance carrier. An experienced adjuster can also as help expedite payment and restoration efforts. NYAB adjusters are experienced in handling claims of this manner, and have provided guidance to many clients after a loss of this magnitude. For more information on how NYAB was able to assist a client during the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy, click here (link to case study)

Wind, Tornado, and Hurricane Damage: 5 Tips on What To Do Immediately Following a Loss

  1. To avoid further damage, make any necessary immediate fixes such as covering a damaged roof with tarp or boarding up windows. This will help avoid further damage.
  2. Document any items damaged by the catastrophe
  3. If possible, survey the surrounding area to see if items like trees or plants must be removed due to damage.
  4. Document any expenses incurred such as food and living expenses should you have to leave your home.
  5. In the event of a hurricane or tornado, listen to local advisory efforts to determine when it is safe to return to your home.

Often, the burden of proof as to the value of lost property is on the policy holder, and a lack of official documentation can severely impact the amount of your claim.