Water, Flood, and Mold Damage

Water, flood, and mold damage are frequent reasons people must make claims on their home insurance. These issues can be caused by such things as burst pipes, leaky appliances, and an opening in a roof or other elevated structure. However, it is important to understand that issues related to water damage can be completely different, with one type of loss (ex. water) being covered under a policy and the other (ex. flood) excluded. A NYAB claims adjuster can assist with these policy loopholes to avoid any confusion with your insurance carrier. Great care should be taken to inspect all aspects of water related damage, as serious consequences like mold can develop over time if your loss is not handled immediately or by an experienced adjuster.

Water and Flood Damage: 5 Tips on What To Do Immediately Following a Loss

  1. Consult with an experienced adjuster before reaching out to your insurance carrier about the type of damage — Water or Flood — that was incurred
  2. Do not throw any damaged items such as carpeting away before proper documentation takes place, as items lost due to water or flood damage must be accounted for
  3. Consult with an experienced adjuster about the options you have for removing water from your home or commercial property. How a water loss is handled in the first 24 hours can be critical in the outcome of your total claim.
  4. If damage was caused by an issue such as sewage overflow, sometimes referred to as black water loss, inform your adjuster immediately. This type of damage requires special restoration techniques to your home or commercial property to ensure your personal safety upon return.
  5. Keep all receipts and records of any services used for water and mold removal, as these costs can be covered by your insurance carrier in many cases

Often, the burden of proof as to the value of lost property is on the policy holder, and a lack of official documentation can severely impact the amount of your claim.