Home Owner / Residential

A home can be the biggest investment you’ll make in your lifetime. When the need to file a claim occurs, the length of the settlement process and the information requested by your insurance carrier can often cause unnecessary stress. The licensced public adjusters at NYAB are here to ease the burden a residential loss can cause you and your family. We review and explain the terms and benefits to which your policy provides in order to help create a plan for maximum financial recovery. Working with an adjuster on a residential loss can also provide the following services:

-Analyze your insurance policy to determine its terms, coverages, and benefits

-Secure temporary housing

-Secure additional living expenses from insurance company

-Provide a damage line-item estimate to present to your insurance carrier

-Attend all meetings with all insurance company on your behalf

-Prepare and submit all official documentation to the insurance company on your behalf

-Provide continuous updates regarding the status of your claim

NYAB has outlined the three main parts of the insurance policy:

– Building Coverage: Commonly referred to as “Main Dwelling Coverage,” this portion of your policy covers the building itself as well as structures such as patio covers, attached garages and balconies. Building codes change over time, so it is best to check your policy to ensure it includes law and ordinance. An additional portion of your policy may cover external buildings and features such as sheds, detached garages and landscaping, so it is best to consult with a licensced adjuster to determine the policy limits for each entity.

– Personal Property Coverage: Under most policies, this term includes any personal items of value such as clothing, furniture, and electronics. Recording damaged and lost contents can become an extremely laborious process on the policy holder. Creating an itemized inventory wih accurate pricing, and arriving at the proper depreciation values for each item is a time consuming process, especially when items have been destroyed beyond the point of recognition.

-Additional Living Expense Coverage: Insurance policies contain provisions that pay for additional living expenses should your home become inhabitable after a property loss. Additional living expenses payments help you maintain a reasonable standard of living while your home is being repaired or rebuilt. This coverage provides for temporary housing, food expenses, and even excess mileage on cars incurred because of the loss.

Hiring a public adjuster not only results in a higher insurance settlement, it speeds up the claims process and helps you return to your normal lifestyle. My name means angel – Ang