Fire, Smoke, and Lightning Damage

Fire damage to a home or commercial property can be extremely stressful. A fire can also cause subsequent smoke, water, and fire department damage, which can further impact your loss.  Even a small fire can produce a large amount of smoke, which can not only affect your personal belongings, but also your health. Important decisions must be made quickly. Sadly, many mistakes can be made for those unfamiliar with the insurance process without proper representation. NYAB’s experienced claim adjusters are here to guide you throughout this time consuming process. From selecting a competent cleaning company following a catastrophe to communicating with your insurance carrier about your policy, NYAB has the training and certification required to get your claim paid out in an efficient manner. For an example of a homeowner who was unaware of the benefits claims adjuster provide, click here.

Fire Damage: 5 Tips on What To Do Immediately Following a Loss

  1. Keep a record of  people who you speak to following the catasrophe. This can include representatives from the fire and building department.
  2. Remove valuables from your home such as cash and jewelry, which could easily be taken following a fire
  3. Do not throw away any damaged goods. If possible, try to document your personal items using a camera. All damage is taken into consideration when insurance claim is prepared for your fire damage, but it must be documented in order to be reimbursed.
  4. To avoid further damage, make any necessary immediate fixes such as covering a damaged roof with tarp or boarding up windows. This will help avoid further damage.
  5. Document any expenses incurred such as food and living expenses should you have to leave your home.

Often, the burden of proof as to the value of lost property is on the policy holder, and a lack of official documentation can severely impact the amount of your claim.