Burglary, Theft, and Vandalism

The risk of a burglary or theft can affect the owner of a residential or commercial property at any given time. Many insurance carriers will also find ways to depreciate the value of a lost item, causing further frustration and unded stress during a time of need. The adjusters of NYAB are well versed in the steps needed to provide anaccurate inventory of missing valuables in order to ensure your insurance company reimburses your losses. Although the loss of a personal item may never be fully replaced, the NYAB will work tirelessly to make sure you are compensated to the fullest extent of your policy.

Burglary is the entry into a property illegally with the intent to commit a theft.

Vandalism is the deliberate destruction of property

Burglary, Theft, and Vandalism Damage: 5 Tips on What To Do Immediately Following a Loss

  1. Gather all receipts and any documentation of any missing or damaged items such as jewelry, electronic equipment, and furniture
  2. Work with a certified public adjuster to provide a detailed inventory of all missing items.
  3. Appraisals can vary greatly in opinion of a value. Ask the insurance carrier to give you the name of the company they use or will use if a loss occurs and go to that firm to get your appraisal for the scheduled items.
  4. Locate any photographs of missing items
  5. Gather invoices of missing property